Areas of application

  • Rubber and tire manufacturers
  • Chemical producers for the rubber industry, e.g. (silica, carbon black, zinc oxide, peptizer, etc.)
  • Manufacturers of pipes and flaps
  • For wrapping natural and synthetic rubber bales
  • PVC compounders

Advantages and Properties of EVA

  • Increase your productivity through exact dosing and avoid wasting expensive chemicals
  • Less chemical contamination / operators are less exposed to direct contact with harmful chemicals
  • Adaptation to the mixing/joining process by using different melting points
  • Complete dissolution in the end-product
  • Available in different colors (such as transparent, pink, yellow, green, others) for easy batch identification


  • Flat film, half tubular film, tubular film (endless on roll possible)
  • Bottom seam / side seam bag (loose in carton)
  • bottom seam (on roll with tear-off perforation)
  • In different colours and dimensions
  • Hot- cold needling, embossing
  • Print option
  • Further options on request

PoLAflex -
Low Melting Bags and Films

Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) is the copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate. EVA copolymers become softer with increasing vinyl acetate content due to decreasing crystallinity and the melting point is correspondingly lower.

Under the brand name PoLAflex, we have been successfully supplying well-known companies in the rubber and caoutchouc industry for many years and offer a wide range of applications with our diverse product portfolio.

Our EVA films and bags are used in the vulcanization process and make a significant contribution to production optimization.