Originally the history of the Bernauer Group goes back to the year 1829. At that time, yarns and fabrics, raw and dyed, were produced at decentralised locations with around 400 employees.

Today the Bernauer Group consists of the following companies

  • Textilwerke Todtnau Bernauer GmbH & Co. KG
  • TEXPAK GmbH, Todtnau
  • Kunststoffwerk Lahr GmbH
  • Power station Rotwiese Bernauer KG
  • Bernauer Wasserkraft GbR

In 1933, the company was taken over by Arnold Bernauer, an authorised signatory, and in 1938 it was renamed to Textilwerke Todtnau Bernauer KG.

The production of tapes and fabrics with the brand name BERATEX® started in 1971, when a special fabric for the tire industry was developed and designed. The BERATEX® fabric offers enormous advantages to tire and rubber manufacturers due to its excellent properties in interaction with the extended rubber sheets and reduces their process costs in the long run due to its durability. Since 1974, the Michelin tire company has been supplied with BERATEX® fabric worldwide. Meanwhile, the product is sold globally to 46 countries, to all well-known tire and rubber processing companies.

Due to the close and intensive contact to the international tyre industry, Texpak GmbH was founded in 1979. Texpak GmbH has specialised in the field of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) films and bags. In the vulcanization process a variety of additives and components are mixed in, which are added in different ways. One of the best alternatives and possibilities is to add the additives with the entire bag into the rubber compound / mixture. The low-melting EVA films and bags offer the rubber processing companies very high advantages in the mixing process (exact adherence to the dosages, less waste, etc.) Since its foundation, Texpak GmbH has continuously expanded its market share and today takes a leading role in the market of low-melting EVA films and bags. These have been produced at the Kunststoffwerk Lahr plastics plant since the foundation of Texpak GmbH.

In 1983 the company Kraftwerk Rotwiese Bernauer KG was newly founded at the Rotwiese.

In 1991 the Kunststoffwerk Lahr was incorporated into the Bernauer Group and acquired.

Due to the already intensive customer-supplier relationship - Kunststoffwerk Lahr supplied Textilwerke Todtnau with polyethylene films for the BERATEX® fabric and Texpak GmbH with low-melting films and bags made of ethylene vinyl acetate for the international tyre industry - the takeover was a unique opportunity to significantly expand and strategically enhance the value chain.

The object of Kunststoffwerk Lahr GmbH is the production of flexible and functional blown films made of polyethylene, polypropylene and ethylene vinyl acetate. Kunststoffwerk Lahr, founded in 1958, has been experiencing successful development since 1991 and has been one of the leading medium-sized suppliers of flexible plastic packaging for more than 60 years. The company's added value includes the in-house production of functional mono and coex blown films, printing on offline and inline machines, as well as the conversion of the films. The company currently employs approx. 90 people, in Lahr, Baden-Württemberg.

Bernauer Wasserkraft GbR was founded in 1998. The electricity produced here is fed exclusively into the grid of Textilwerke Todtnau Bernauer GmbH & Co KG and covers approx. 90% of the company's total electricity requirements. In this way, we also make a contribution to the use of environmentally friendly and ecologically harmless electricity in the interests of environmental protection.